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Sidereal vs. Tropical (Western) Astrology

Femi LoLa

Most people do not know this but western astrology isn't based on actual planetary alignments to the stars! By definition western astrology is a pseudo-science and is not based on astronomy when it comes to constellations. Sidereal astrology is the actual star based science that has been used since ancient times, before our calendars were modified by the Greeks. Today, we can look at a Google Sky Map app and see clearly sidereal is the more correct way our ancestors used astrology. Star lore is at the very core of all things spiritual. To not actually use the stars defeats the purpose of studying astrology.

The word astrology means "study of the stars". The word sidereal means star. The word celestial means star. The word stellar means star. The word constellation, star. Tropical astrology on the other hand, means using the equator. The Tropics, which generally defines man made seasons. Basically, western is not going by the actual stars. Sad to say. Western is off by 24 degrees on average and is moving further away out of sync with the true sidereal alignments. Western has been incorrect for thousands of years. Awareness of Ophiuchus and the sidereal zodiac is not a new thing at all! Ptolemy, the Greek guy who decided on western, knew of Ophiuchus and the sidereal dates. I've actually known about all of this since 2001. That's about 17+ years at this point. I'm also an Ophiuchus aka Serpentarius aka The 13th Sign. Born the first day and I think only a few hours in. I definitely feel it is my destiny to teach people about the 13th Sign. We were left out purposefully by the Greeks and astrology was then further modified. The information in these courses will be dissected from the sidereal point of view first, then 13. By definition, sidereal does mean star. Check out an in-depth description of sidereal and tropical astrology below and learn the real astrology dates in this lesson. :-)

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