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The Ecliptic (The Zodiac Wheel)

Femi LoLa

The Ecliptic is the apparent path our planets make around the Sun. There are 13 Constellations on the Ecliptic, not just the usual 12. Ophiuchus was known by Ptolemy to be on the ecliptic along with the other 12, when he omitted this mystical sign. Again, western astrology not being true to actual math and science. It seems that western is mainly based on incorrect ideas about science and the soul. This comes as no surprise. Most spiritual concepts are twisted and watered down in the modern western world theology. 13 Sign Astrology does acknowledge the original Goddess worship of the ancient matriarchal European world before westernization. We will definitely go into a lot of those origins here! Ophiuchus brings to light the hidden truth and origins of sacred goddess worship and the inhalation thereof. Western astrology has managed to generalize something that should be used with the utmost precision.
The Zodiac Wheel is divided by 13 constellations, not just the well-known 12. This is a fact. Each constellation has a unique duration along the Ecliptic. This is what makes 13 Sign Astrology so special! It's true to real Life here and in the Heavens.

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