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13 Signs: Full Moon in Virgo. . . Goddess Ma'at

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*Happy Full Moon!

For the Virgo Full Moon, choose to be calm and productive. This is a time to thoroughly heal and reorganize ourselves. We are in the middle of a very important Mercury Retrograde right now! This Full Moon in Virgo will be perfect for cleaning up and clearing out our cosmic closets. It is best to keep order and balance of mind and spirit, to meet the necessary changes with grace and divine protection. In 13 sign astrology (astronomy), we know that Virgo is the longest constellation on the ecliptic! This detail oriented super intricate sign represents the digestive system and all its sensitivity. The colon is the longest part of the body and is a group of nerves with its own intelligence! Hence the phrase, Gut Feelings! Virgo is an earth sign. The mental earth sign. The purity of the Mind and all its intentions.
Pink Moon

Heaven and Earth are One. The virtue of the Goddess Ma'at and her principals. Ma’at is here to remind us of Universal Truth. Everything is connected and works together to create the whole. Ma’at is the Goddess of Universal Order and Virtue. Virgo is the sign of organization, purity and virtue. The earth is a living breathing organism and we are All part of it. Ma’at keeps everything moving, balanced in the sky and here on Earth. The equinox is the balance of seasons in relation to Heaven and Earth. Mind and Body.
It is important to remember your mind and body as One with the Earth. All things are connected and we are living this more and more each day! Ma'at is also known as the Double Winged Goddess. That which is within me and that which is around me. Ma'at is the union of opposites that create harmony. Laws of the Universe. Laws of Oneness. Ma'at is a Goddess, a concept, and a principle. The Double Winged Goddess of Right and Truth. This will be a powerful Full Moon cycle, especially during such a potent Mercury Retrograde! So give yourself ease, grace, patience and make sure to keep yourself healthy. Virgo represents the woman, the mind, and our Mother Earth. Where all things are connected. Now is the best time for a Spring Equinox detox!

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    I’d love to learn more thru taking a class with you. Thank you.

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