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13 Signs: New Moon in Sagittarius, the Gypsy Soul Travelers

Femi LoLa 13 Signs Astrology Magic New Moon Sagittarius Tehuti

Happy New Moon!

In reality there are 13 months per year! The Moon completes its cycle every 28 days. 28 X 13 =364! The number 13 symbolizes completion representing Life & Death. There are 13 Moon Goddess Cycles and 13 Signs of the Real Zodiac Circle. 

Sidereally speaking, this New Moon aligns with our Sun at the end of constellation Sagittarius. It is a wondrous energy full of expansion, and is known as the wise Sage! Expect to see abundance and prosperity all around you! Promise yourself that you will broaden your horizons in the next few weeks. A positive and hopeful mental attitude is Sagittarius' main agenda. The universe is rooting for us All right now! Take advantage of this dynamic star sign and its current planetary alignments! Time to make sense of all the lessons you have accumulated over the years. Use the wisdom of these lessons and the knowledge you have gathered to move forward now. Traveling, gypsy and wise, Sagittarius in Egyptian astrology is Tehuti or Thoth. Spiritual Wisdom. Knowledge and therefore Magic! The Higher Mind. We are called for this new moon cycle to dig deeper and find the meaning.

Focus on the bigger picture in your Life right now. With faith and knowledge anything is possible. Tehuti is the god of magic, wisdom, art, writing and religion. Get deeper into your crafts and spiritual abilities for this new moon alignment. Search for your purpose. Write it out. A short trip will help the process. It may also be a good time to move to a foreign land and learn something new. Just make sure to remember, traveling starts in the mind. Let positive affirmations guide you to a super optimistic attitude! I promise you will see and feel the difference immediately. Work your mental and physical muscles for the Sagittarius New Moon cycle. Sagittarius rules the thighs. Recommitting to daily exercise is the key to alleviating any anger, nervousness, stress and depression! Balancing poses, deep breathing and stretching are all good moves for Sag moon time. Cleansing of the liver, kidneys, and fitting in a sugar detox are also beneficial. Don't be afraid to change and grow. Be prepared to accelerate your Life. The Truth is being revealed to you if you can focus, be patient, and tune into the deeper messages of the Universe. Light a blue or violet candle to ignite your vision and deepest passions. Have faith in your journey. Use essential oils clove and rosemary to attract warmth, abundance, and clarity.

Do you believe in Magic? And what does it mean to you?

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Blessings & Happy New Moon!

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