Sea Moss Gel

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Sea Moss aka Irish Moss is one of our greatest gifts on Earth!
It's straight from the ocean and contains almost all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need! Used to regulate all the glands especially the Thyroid, Sea Moss is a key component to fighting cancer, colds, diabetes, or any chronic illness! Sea Moss is a beautifier and an anti-aging superfood powerhouse! With my Sea Moss Gel recipes, you will get the most benefit because I keep it raw! First you prep the moss into a gel. Then you can add the sea moss gel to smoothies, salad dressings, soups, and even your favorite homemade beauty masks!

You will need:

1 Big Bowl

1 cup measuring Cup

Large Plastic or Glass containers with tight lids for fridge storage


1 cup of dried whole Sea Moss
Tap water for soaking
15 cups of drinking water for blending


1. In a large bowl, rinse 1 cup of sea moss thoroughly. There's a lot of sand and salt to wash off.

2. Soak in fresh cool water for at least 8 hours, overnight is good too.

3. After 8+ hours or so take the moss out of the soaking water and put it in the blender.

4. Now add the 3 fresh cups of purified drinking water to the blender with the moss.

5. Blend for a few minutes until smooth.

6. Pour into one or two glass or plastic storage containers with tight lids

7. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Use as needed in some of my smoothie, salad dressings, and soup recipes!


I like to soak sea moss in a big glass bowl out on the counter as long as I can and then I store it overnight in the fridge when I go to sleep. That way the moss is able to expand comfortably at room temperature. Also if you're soaking and storing the moss in the fridge before blending, make sure you keep the raw sea moss completely covered in water. Sea moss dries out and will wilt if it's not fully submerged. Once blended with water, the sea moss gel will keep for a few weeks refrigerated! Mmm so good for you!

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