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Raw Vegan Taco Salad

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Now this one is a little advance but well worth any of the trouble. Raw Tacos bring life to any party and the variations are endless! You can incorporate other fun recipes into this one as additional toppings, such as quinoa and black rice for more protein and grains. 

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Coconut Curry Nori Rolls

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A knock your socks off kind of raw vegan dish! A simple nuts and seeds pate that can be wrapped in seaweed, lettuce, coconut wraps, etc! This recipe can also be used as a hummus like spread for chips, raw crackers, and on sandwiches! The possibilities are endless and sunflower seeds are so good for you! 

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Raw Vegan Spaghetti

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Knowing how to make a great raw noodle dish is key to your survival on a cleansing alkaline diet! Noodles can be so versatile and such a filling quick and easy way to fight off cravings for more heavy and complex pasta dishes. Using Zucchini and Squash instead for cooked grain based pasta will keep you on your healing path.

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Veggie Stir Fry with Wild & Brown Rice

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Here's another Stir Fry recipe! You never can have too many stir fry's! LOL! This one is more elaborate for a nice big dinner portion. It has brown rice and wild rice instead of the quinoa in a lighter Breakfast Stir Fry dish. If you aren't eating rice you can substitute with quinoa or leave out the grains. You can also add coconut milk or my Coconut black rice recipe to give this a nice Thai Stir Fry feel! 

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Rosario's Salad

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This recipe, created by the lovely Rosario Dawson, is now one of my favorite ways to add nuts and seeds to a salad! The combination of rich and creamy avocado and tahini plus the carrot and dulse flakes is simply irresistible! Hummus, a splash of lemon and coconut aminos gives this signature dish an amazing array of flavors!  

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