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Welcome to the Raw Vegan Goddess Cookbook: Recipes & Remedies Blog! The Summer Detox Edition.

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Today's your lucky day for a healing!
Hi! I'm Chef Femi, the Raw Vegan Goddess and this is my Recipes & Remedies Blog!
We're gonna ease into this with some simple and quick cleansing dishes to make. Not only are these recipes simple but they will be very key to your healing journey! Throughout the cleanse you will feel lighter and things will start to shift. That's the goal, to shift your life! Make sure you drink enough water every day. Work on getting up to a gallon a day. It doesn't always happen but a gallon a day is a good gauge to see how much water your organs need to function and process all of the cellular memory we take on daily. Our bodies are over 75% water like the Earth and we are a reflection of it in every way.

We may not realize how cleansing water really is and that it holds memory. Water clears out our cells and is most present in raw organic pure foods. This is the key to living an actively cleansing lifestyle! We set intentions of our healing with the food we eat every day. But, do not drink and eat as this is counterproductive to proper health. Drinking while eating washes away the very nutrients you're eating and it weakens the digestive fire needed for effective assimilation.

Drink water at least 30 min before eating or 1 hour after eating to allow the body proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the food. It takes some practice to stop drinking and eating but this is one major key to balancing the energy of our digestive systems! Thank you for joining me in this healing journey! I've been doing raw vegan alkalizing foods for over 20 years! This is a long term commitment so if you fall off just get right back on! And pretty soon, you'll be in the flow of it all and it won't be such a struggle. Just like anything else, if you put your mind to it, you can do it.



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