My Digital Business Boot Camp
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My Digital Business Boot Camp

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My Digital Business Boot Camp is here! 

Are you ready to take your social media monetization to the next level!?

Even if you are starting from scratch, this Raw Goddess Astrology Workshop Series will take you from 0 to 100 with your online presence! 

*In this guided 30 Day business & astrology workshop, we will be going over how to align ourselves and truly live an abundant Life, while digitizing our knowledge and interests! 

There are some very important astrological messages happening in the Sky right now! & Now is time to start monetizing your network!

In this 30 Day Workshop you will learn:

*How to align your business & purpose!

*The Astrology of Business

*Setting up digital business tools

*Moon Rituals to increase your Business Prosperity and Manifestation Power! 

*Content & Idea Creation

*How to turn what you love into a business

*How to align your business with your Birth Chart!

Sign-Up for the My Digital Business Boot Camp Workshop below & I will email you the link to join the class!


I'll be sharing my screen & answering questions!

*Let's map out the stars & our business moves together!

(Q & A sessions are included!)

*The class sessions will be recorded and the replays will be available to all who purchase a ticket to attend. You will still get the recording if you can’t make it to class! 

*Add your questions below so I can specifically look into your chart & business.

*Also, if you need a copy of your chart for the classes, link to order is Astrology Chart.