Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Class
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Class
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Class
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Class

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Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse week! 

This Full Moon will have the power of 3 Full Moons due to the natural alignments of an eclipse, so its time to dream BIG!

Major changes always come thru for eclipse seasons. 

You have to guide your destiny in the direction you want or chaos can become the norm during eclipses!

This powerful alignment highlights: LOVE, ARTISTIC EXPRESSION, AND MANIFESTATION

Goddess: VENUS & OSHUN


To help Y'all navigate this very powerful alignment, I'm having a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Class this Friday November 19th!

Learn how to read into your birth chart with this Astrology Group Class! I'll be sharing my screen and answering questions. 


9:00 PM EST 


Femi is an Ophiuchius born 13 Sign Sidereal Astrologer Master #33 Raw Vegan Chef from Atlanta!

*In this guided astrology class, we will be going over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse thru the Houses of a birth chart!

*Full Moon Rituals to increase your Business Prosperity and Manifestation Power!

*What this alignment means in your Birth Chart

Sign-Up for the Astrology Class Session below & I will email you the link to join in on the class!


*This is a 1 hour and 30 minutes online astrology class session. (Q & A included)

*The class will be recorded and the replay will be available to all who purchase a ticket to attend. You will still get the recording if you do not make it to class!

*Add your questions below so I can specifically look into your chart.

*Also, if you need a copy of your chart for class, link to order is Astrology Chart