Mercury Retrograde Astrology Master Class
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Mercury Retrograde Astrology Master Class

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Mercury, the planet present in all forms of communication, reasoning, business, money transactions, currency, travel, mechanics and also functioning of the mind itself. When Mercury retrogrades all of these things are up for review and renewal and should be done with careful consideration. 

*The Pre-Shadow of this Mercury Retrograde is just about to begin on July 7th. Now's a great time to prepare and take a look at where it will be in your chart!

Each Mercury Retrograde cycle is different and this Mercury Retrograde we will also have a few Eclipses showing up as well! This signals a powerful activation point in time, setting off a wave of transformation and culminations for decades to come. There will be many breakthrus and hopefully not too many breakdowns in the process. The power of positive intentions go a long way during times like these! 

Join me for a deeper look into what Mercury Retrograde really is and how to Master its dynamic energy! 

This online class is 1 hr which gives us plenty of time for Q & A. This is an interactive class and we will be going over transits & interpretations. You will need a transit chart. I will email you the details to join the meeting along with a request for your birth day information. This class will be recorded and a playback will be sent to you. You can schedule a class and let me know if another date or time works better.

In the Mercury Master Astrology Class you will learn more about Mercury's role in Astrology. The meaning of the  Mercury Retrograde Shadow Weeks. How to understand Mercury in your chart. And finally, How to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage!

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