Amethyst & Fluorite Necklace Box Set
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Amethyst & Fluorite Necklace Box Set

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Amethyst is an excellent spiritual cleanser and used for psychic protection. One of my most favorite stones, Amethyst can be worn to strengthen intuition and spiritual abilities! Amethyst works with the Violet Flame of Fire and transforms energy into its higher forms of expression.

Fluorite helps us when we need to leave the past behind and introduce a whole new sense of self to the world! The name Fluorite is derived from the Latin word 'fluo' meaning to flow. It's also an excellent stone for psychic protection and healing especially for empathic signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Sun, Moon, and Risings. This stone is also used to protect relationships, bring calmness and relaxation. Box Set comes with an Amethyst Point Necklace & a Fluorite Point Necklace! 

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