13 Sign Astrology Chart  Session
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13 Sign Astrology Chart Session

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Ophiuchus is one of the most important discoveries in human history integrating our collective consciousness with one of the most ancient constellations. It's time to truly realign with Nature again! Rejecting Ophiuchus is like rejecting the deepest parts of yourself. This chart reading session will teach you how 13 Sign Astrology is the missing link in our Ascension.

*You will also learn why 13 sign dates in sidereal astrology are more accurate than modern pop culture western astrology dates. Sidereal astrology has a foundation in real astronomy parallel to ancient knowledge and is the original source of all indigenous cosmology.

*Without Ophiuchus, snake goddess wisdom and the accuracy of sidereal astrology truth is lost.

Chart reading sessions are for those interested in magic, mysticism, and mystery.

When you Sign-Up with your birth day and book your 13 Sign Astrology Reading Session below, I will send you an email to schedule a good date & time at your convenience!