Beginner's 13 Sign Astrology Class Session
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Beginner's 13 Sign Astrology Class Session

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It's time to truly realign with Nature once again! A Beginner's 13 Sign Astrology Class Session will teach you how Ophiuchus The 13th Sign is the missing link to our Ascension. This is a 1 hour Consultation you can schedule at your convenience.

*You will also learn why the 13 sign dates in sidereal astrology are more accurate than modern pop culture western astrology dates. Sidereal astrology has a foundation in real astronomy parallel to ancient knowledge and is the original source of all indigenous cosmology.

*Ophiuchus is one of the most important discoveries in human history integrating our collective consciousness with one of the most ancient constellations. 

*Without Ophiuchus, snake goddess wisdom and the accuracy of sidereal astrology truth is lost. 

*These Beginner's 13 Sign Astrology Class Sessions are for those interested in learning the fundamental basics of astrology. We can start with the basics and see where you're at!

Sign-Up with your birthday and book a Beginner's 13 Sign Astrology Class Session below. This is a 1 hour screenshare zoom meeting. You will be seeing my screen with your birthchart, some slides & you can ask questions along the way! I will send you an email to schedule a good date & time at your convenience!

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